Trump has Spicer call impromptu press conference to assure nation he drew bigger crowds than Brady

Written by  |  02-07-2017  |  Published in SPORTS

Washington, D.C.  President Donald Trump had Press Secretary Sean Spicer call an unscheduled press conference this afternoon to announce that the president’s inauguration crowd was much larger than the Patriot’s victory parade crowd. 

The Boston police department earlier estimated the crowd to be in excess of 1 million people. The Boston police department official Twitter feed later posted revised crowd estimate of “a few thousand” after a call from Trump to Governor Charlie Baker threatening to cutting off all federal funding if their “fake news” numbers weren’t corrected.

Trump to Bring Back Gladiator Fighting Featured

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Complaining that the NFL's efforts to protect its players has made the sport boring and unsuitable for satisfying the blood lust of Americans, he has promised to bring back Gladiator battles if elected. Trump promised, "The NFL has gone soft like America. In view of the Whitehouse, I will build the greatest colosseum the world has ever seen, and on those sands I will provide our once great country with the blood sports they deserve."

Johnny Manziel Loses Starting Position Over Equipment Issue

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After Cleveland Browns' quarterback Johnny Manziel showed up for practice Tuesday wearing a Romco™ Helmet Caddie® loaded with beer, coach Mike Pettine announced that he's had enough and would start Josh McCown in the Brown's upcoming game. Pettine said, "At first we thought it was a joke, but when Johnny refused to remove it after being repeatedly asked, I finally had enough."