Has Trump Hit His Ceiling

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New polls suggest that Donald Trump may be maxing out his support in his bid for President in 2016. Trump has failed to increase support outside of his core demographic support groups.  A recent Quiniticuit University poll shows that the vast majority of Trump's support comes from limited demographic groups, with 55.5% of his support coming from only two groups, "guys with barking dogs chained in their backyards" and "men who think FoxNews is too liberal." In two key demographic groups, women and latinos, he has not been able to garner virtually any support (outside the Palin family.) While this may be enough to give him victories in bumfuck states like Iowa and New Hampshire, it may be a sign of problems in more progressive states and certainly in the general election.


Polls of the general electorate expose Trump's real problems, as his favorability in this expanded group is dramatically different than when polling GOP primary voters.  Asked if they "look upon Mr. Trump favorably", a resounding 80% responded "are you insane?" or "are you f*cking insane".

When presented with the new poll numbers, Mr. Trump responded, "Well I think my supporters are really terrific, and I think once other people get to know me and see how fabulous I am, they'll become terrific supporters too. We have a terrific team out there getting the word out, so I think we'll see fabulous results."

Last modified on 09-23-2015